GS LED Lighting is an energy product by GREEN STOCKS SDN BHD. The company was incorporated in the year 2011, with its principal focus in the development and marketing of Green Technology based products and services.

Our objectives are in tandem with the concerted on going interest globally , Malaysia included , in going green technology in order to ensure a sustainable global environment.

The company is embarking on various green and renewable energy products and services including LED lightings, alternative fuels and energy saving devices.

We invite you to join us in our quest to promote awareness and participation to make our world a healthier place to live.


Our Mission

  • To design, develop and market industry standard LED light products with energy-saving and environment
    friendly solutions.
  • To provide consumers with industry standard LED lighting products which are of high quality and value of
  • To exceed our customers expectation in quality, delivery and cost through continuing improvements and
    customer interactions.
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About LED

  • LED light bulbs will eventually be what we use to replace incandescent bulbs – CFLs are a temporary solution to energy-efficient lighting. The reason
    LEDs have not yet displaced CFLs from the market are twofold: the first generation LED bulbs had a narrow and focused light beam, and the cost of
    the LED bulbs was too high.
  • Recent developments in LED technology, however, have been addressing these issues. LEDs have been 'clustered' to provide more light, and
    mounted within diffuser lenses which spread the light across a wider area. And advancements in manufacturing technology have driven the prices
    down to a level where LED bulbs are more cost-effective than CFLs or incandescent bulbs. This trend is continuing, with LED bulbs being designed
    for more applications while the prices are going down over time.
  • The 'sticker shock' of the new LEDs remains a deterrent to their widespread acceptance by consumers. The following comparison charts illustrate
    the value of the latest LED bulbs when compared with CFLs and incandescents for overall efficiency as well as cost-effectiveness.

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Project : Car Park
Product : GS LED Tube

Project : Factory
Product : GS LED Bulb

Meter reading before installation of LED light

Meter reading after installation of LED light

Project : Hotel
Product : GS LED Buld/Tube/Spotlight/Strip

Project : Petrol Station
Product : GS LED Tube/Downlight

Project : Residence
Product : GS LED Downlight/Strip/Tube/Flood Light

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